To create content, you need tools and ideas to work successfully online

Here is a list of reviewed favorite content creation tools that can help you to run your online businesses.

Writing and Editing Tools

Your writing skills need to be so clear and error-free, it doesn’t matter if you writing a detailed guide or product review, you will need to optimize for search engines

  1. Grammarly

With artificial intelligence(AI) system to find spelling mistakes, Grammarly also provides stylish suggestions when writing, a sidebar appears for Clarity, corrections, Engagement, and more. you can download a free Chrome extension but also offer a Premium plan.


2. Clearscope

Clear scope, is a content optimization platform that will give you great results by capturing more related keywords in your content, pop up phrases will appear on your screen while writing to target based on your primary search terms, it has a Google doc add-on and a WordPress plugin to get you started.


clear scope pricing

3. CoSchedule

Marketing With Content Calendar Software, CoSchedule will help get organized in one place, also headline Analyzer for common, uncommon, Emotional grading of your keywords in the title to boost traffic

  • proven data Score headlines
  • smart suggestions to Improve headlines
  • instantly Find the high-scoring words
Coschedule pricing

Tools for Research, Ideas & Planning

With proper research, you will get to know WHAT to create. so to get you started here is a list to get ideas and inspiration,

4. Asana

Using Asana, you can bring together everything your team needs to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work, from start to finish, you can still manage all your team projects from inception to publishing.

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pricing starts from $0 forever

Asana pricing

5. Youtube

Youtube is a simple framework for content ideas, though has many videos, you can still find excellent ideas for your projects,

To start, head over to the search bar and enter a keyword phrase, and in the top left, there’s a “Filters” tab to click and sort by various attributes like date, type, and duration

Then Under the “Type” column, filter by “Channel, you will then have to choose channels with a high number of subscribers, then check out their video content and sort by popularity and date, you will then be able to determine recently uploaded content and already has a high number of views.

Alternative tools like Tubebuddy, VIDiq will also help you to find keywords, competitors and rank high on youtube

6. Ahrefs


 SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush will help you to find topic ideas but Ahrefs with a special emphasis on keyword research & competitor analysis if you are new to blogging—this tool may be a little advanced, however, has great features for bloggers’ content research and analysis,

7. Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest forums to find content ideas, you can easily find content related to your niche, 

Visual Content Tool

If you are creating visual and graphics content on your website, the following tools and platforms can help you to get started,

8. Canva


To create graphic designs using Canva, does not require any experience, you can start with free templates to design your projects,

Its drag and drop feature enables you to make logos, blog banners, email newsletter templates, videos, and more. It’s been our resource visual content maker for years. other tools just like the canvas family include,

  • Shutterstock royalty-free images for bloggers and designers
  • Flourish for data into charts, maps, infographics, or interactive stories,
  • Unsplash, for free stock photo library
  • pixels
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9. Screenflow


Mac user editing and screen recording software, Start screen recording and video editing now with ScreenFlow!


  • Capture high-quality screen recordings.
  • Edit your video using the easy-to-use editing interface.
  • Create high-quality software or iPhone demos, professional video tutorials, dynamic presentations, and more.

10. Animaker

Beginners and non-designers can create animation and live-action videos with simple drag and drop functions using Animaker, you can choose from 100m stock images and videos templates to create HD quality videos, custom characters, and more

Podcasting Tools

11. Blubrry

Blubrry podcast hosting makes podcast publishing easier with a smooth publishing platform, live customer support, stress-free migration, and impactful statistics,

other alternatives for podcasting software,

  • Descript
  • zoom – price free
  • skype – price free
  • Ringr – price $8/m
  • Squadcast – price $20/m

How to Setup a Podcast Studio?


  • Equipment,  you need the equipment like a microphone, headphones, desk, chair, and microphone arm to get your studio set up
  • Soundproof is necessary for audio sound quality
  • With lighting and cameras, podcasters may choose to film their podcasts for youtube and social share content

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