I will share with you my top five growth hacking strategies that can help you reach this milestone of getting 1 million visitors to your website in 30 Days

 So, start implementing this strategy and have a significant impact on the number of visitors and website growth.

 Push and make people share your content

 in other words, we call this viral share growth but how to implement it to your website is by adding the point system

the point system simply allows people to collect points when they consume and engage in your website and what’s more important, they earn points when they share the content

When you open any article or post, you will see share this post to help others and earn points,

So, whenever they share the post, they will earn points and you will notice a significant impact whenever a lot of people share to collect points this works perfectly believe me

  When they collect something on a website it will give them that positive vibe that so implements a point system and this can benefit you

You can add a page explaining what these points are for and the goals, how they will use them later, and so on

 for example, they can withdraw with crypto, with cash, buy products gift cards, free courses, and more

 and also try to be transparent and honest when you implement the point system or make people collect something on your website

How to implement

 if you are on WordPress, you can simply use a plug-in called mycred,  it’s super easy to implement it has a lot of options and add-ons you can use directly on your WordPress website

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 if you have a custom website you need to do this manually or hire a developer to do this for you

Running competitions and giveaways

 if you combine it with strategy number one which is viral growth, now let’s see here I’m using a service called gleam.io which allows you to run competitions and giveaways and a lot of things

 if you create a new competition start from scratch and have something called viral sure

  when someone joins the giveaway competition and shares this giveaway, to earn more entries, they have a higher chance to win the giveaway

 people will start sharing this giveaway or they will refer other people to your website to your competition

you can also use the gleam plugin or Raffle press, if you’re using WordPress, you can pay only once or per year which is a lot cheaper

 they have a template you can use to sharing

It works perfectly when you run a competition to embed it inside your website to get traffic

  Running a giveaway for free premium WordPress hosting. Giveaways are very important for viral growth

Providing valuable resources and tools

Provide valuable free books and free tool, you can get help people rank their website valuable tools really helps to increase traffic to your website,

 people can search for domain names and how this tool got this amount of traffic I found a lot of people talking about it on their websites and channels on their blogs that grew in a couple of months automatically without doing anything

 so, providing valuable tools and resources for free you will see people in a couple of months will start sharing it because it helped them

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 They will share with their friends with others and so on.

Build a community

 This requires some hard work and time but it’s one of the best methods to build a solid audience that we can always share content with and get traffic from

help them in your niche and you will see how this will help you get traffic always you can see more in the group

However, this requires a lot of work and some dedication to engage with your audience but in the long term

 It’s a great strategy for growing your website and building your audience you can also use anything

Content repurposing or content syndication

The idea is simple you create one piece of content and you distribute it on different platforms

For example, you get one of your posts on your website and repost it to another platform like medium.com but in a summarized form and inside your blog you can link back to your website

Or you can use Tumblr and other social networks to syndicate your content, in this way you spread the same piece of content on all platforms. This is what I call the traffic explosion method.

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