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How To Monetize Your Blog

1. Advertising

Banner ads are very common on the internet, they can help your blog bring in more revenue.

You can use ads in ways that are suitable but still effective. Some advertising platforms are very good at blending in with your webpage, making the ads appear to be part of your website’s layout.

It’s tempting to stuff your site with as much advertising as possible. Try to keep the number of ads reasonable and include them gradually.

Longtime visitors to your site might not appreciate a sudden spike in banner ads, so start small.

Avoid using pop-up ads. Users find them very irritating, due to a poorly placed ad ruining their overall experience on your website.

Additional advertising can be in the form of product and service endorsements, especially from providers that share your niche.

This could be sponsored content or just the occasional mention in your blog posts. If your readers have a problem that an advertiser’s product can solve, you can reference the product in the relevant post and collect a fee from the advertiser for doing so.

2. AdSense

Making money from blogging is what every blogger craves, this is because it doesn’t depend on getting a commission when people end up buying just like in affiliate marketing but depends on getting a commission when people click on ads displayed. High traffic on your blog complements AdSense because AdSense works with EPC (Earnings Per Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click).

Literally, Traffic + AdSense =money, the commission you should get depends on how much the advertisers are paying Google for a specific ad, the price should be as low as 2 cents but in very rare cases goes beyond 1$.

However, AdSense ads could be keyword-based, which means; the high commission is attached to the most popular keywords, such as love, diet, and others that are searched too often get high CPCs.

For getting AdSense ads to display on your blog, you must follow google rules, due to the high level of adherence to Google AdSense policies.

Google won’t grant your blog AdSense if you haven’t properly followed the AdSense and webmaster’s policies before applying to the AdSense program.

 If you find Google AdSense to be too strict, then check out other alternatives to the Google AdSense programs you can use to monetize your blog, these include; propeller ads, InfoLink’s, and more.

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3. Publish an E-book

Take some of your most popular blog posts and create an e-book. After all, the average length of e-books, an e-book can be as short as 10,000 words.

Depending on your standard blog content, that could be between five and ten of your posts, with an introduction and a conclusion section added.

If you have published a lot of articles, pick some that relate to the same topic and edit them together into an e-book.

You can publish your e-book independently, or you can consider using a service like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

The royalty distribution is pretty good, considering how many readers are exposed to your eBook, and you control pricing and editing

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re willing to endorse products that are related to your blog topic, you should consider linking to them and using an affiliate code.

If a reader clicks the link on your blog and then makes a purchase, you will get a small percentage of the sale.

The most well-known affiliate program is Amazon’s Associate’s program. It’s free and easy to join.

You can get an affiliate commission of up to 10% by linking to a product from your blog. If you send users to Amazon via your affiliate link, a qualifying purchase will earn you that percentage. With enough traffic, the money adds up.

This is a form of online business that allows you to earn money referring buyers to buy products sold by any e-commerce company you’re in affiliation with.

How online affiliate marketing works is; when you’re in partnership with any company (sell products/services online e.g., Getresponse, Hostiger, etc.), the commission you when a customer you refer via affiliate link ends up purchasing a product from the company in question.

Directly on your blog, you can embed affiliate links in ads spaces to display pre-designed banners you got from whichever company you’re in affiliation with.

A couple of such banners are displayed on my blog, affiliate marketing can be a better alternative to AdSense ads.

5. Publish Sponsored Content

Sometimes a company will approach you to see if you consider plugging their product on your blog. If you approve of the product and it’s relevant to your readers, go for it.

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Some bloggers don’t feel comfortable with the idea of changing their content to include a sponsor’s product information.

If you can find a sponsor that doesn’t interfere with your creative process, then you could be into a winning partnership.

Other sponsored material can be in the form of a promotion or a competition that a sponsor wants people to know about.

You can encourage your readers to participate and, in return, you’ll receive some kind of payment from the sponsor.

Sponsored material will differ from company to company, so make sure that you understand what you have to do and how you will be paid before entering into this kind of agreement.

It is always better to understand the terms and conditions of any sponsorship deal before you expose your trusting blog readers to it.

6. Offer Services

The great thing about owning your own blog is that you can use it as a platform for self-promotion. Regardless of the skills you have to offer, a blog is a great way to get the word out and attract clients.

If you sell a service or product that’s related to your blog, let people know. Your blog is a fantastic way to engage with new prospects and redirect organic traffic to your business website.

7. Product Reviews

You can also help people write product reviews directly on your blog; this is another great way of making money blogging.

It’s a form of the advert where people with new products will pay you to help them promote their products on your blog,

This kind of post will expose whatever product you’re reviewing to your blog audience and in return will make that product popular.

You will find some of this content on this blog. Also, a sponsored post can be submitted to you for publishing by someone who wants to take advantage of the great traffic your site generates,

this post isn’t usually written by you; it could be a press release or written entirely by someone else. Leverage on either/both methods of monetization and see the money rolling in.

8. Sell Goods/Services

With your blog, the sale of items and rendering services would be very easy. Just like hosting/email marketing, you can go ahead and advertise whatever product you have intended to sell to your customers (blog readers) or services worth paying for.

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Products and services depend on you to select from, as for me I render services such as website/blog creation and tutoring, designing, SEO, architectural design and tutoring, and cad instructor,

If you want to hire me for any of those, kindly reach out to me via the contact form.

9. Create and Sell Online Courses

Another profitable way is to create and sell online courses. You don’t need many leads or customers to make money with your first online course.

Here’s the secret: start where you are and scale from there.

If your blog receives at least 50 visitors per day, find out exactly what those visitors want and create a course from there.

The truth is that your first course may not be that “awesome but You can always improve. also, remember that Online courses are focused on a specific subject or topic. always organized,

Online courses have a higher perceived value than blog posts alone because your target audience can tell how much time you spent creating them.

Consequently, they conclude with some form of value to them.

Creating an online course is a great way to upgrade your blogging career. Instead of writing for everyone, you create a platform that delivers your best content exclusively to customers.

Keep in mind that the online course market is evolving on a daily basis. Sites like Udemy, and Teachable, have become popular with marketers and technical instructors.

Beyond leveraging third-party online learning platforms, you can create and sell your own online course on your blog.

As a blogger, you can create an online course on any topic that people are struggling with. It doesn’t have to be a complex topic.

10. Write and Make Money from Kindle Books

Make money writing short eBooks?

Well, people are doing just that with Amazon Kindle publishing.

The good thing about writing and making money from Kindle books is that there are already millions of buyers who are ready to buy from Amazon.

Get started today

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