Selective keywords Get Higher Search Engine Ranking

Keywords are important in generating traffic to your website These are terms that search engines use to categorize and rank your web pages. For example, if your website is about “traffic building” then your keywords should include traffic, building traffic, website traffic, and more.

Ok now you reading and I hope you will use the knowledge at hand to see why your web pages may not be ranking high in the search engines

most web designers and search engine optimizers advise you to find as many keywords as you can. They inform you to search for keywords using a kind of online tools and software programs that can uncover primary keywords. At first, this seems attractive, yet it contradicts logic.

Let’s take a look at the aim of the search engine. Its job is to find pages that meet the detailed search word that a web surfer has typed in. The more focused the pages it serves up that meet the search term, the better it is for users. search engines must be as accurate as possible in delivering the right things to their users. Otherwise, the web surfer goes somewhere else.

Ok Now, visualize you are a search engine algorithm – the mathematical string which calculates the probability of any web page matching the search word typed in. If the page has hundreds or thousands of keywords you’ll be baffled. For example, is this web page about ‘article writing’, or is it about ‘feature writing for journalists. They are different things. You’ll end up realizing the page is relevant but not that relevant. So you end up ranking the page down the list.

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But what if the page only has the keyword ‘article writing’ and many times. You’re absolutely positive the page is about article writing and so you rank it higher.

As a matter of fact, it’s not quite as simple as that. But these are the thoughts of search engine technology. It is searching to find the most relevant pages that meet the search term you enter.

What does this mean, this means creating different pages for each term. Concentrate each page on a single keyword. Use the term in the headers, subheadings, page texttitle tag, and meta tags. Avoid having pages with lots of keywords on them because this will confuse the search engines and damage your ranks.

So overlook the belief that hundreds of thousands of keywords rank your pages high. Go for pages that meet single keywords and you will find your page will increase in traffic.

This also works for Google AdWords. Each advert should employ just a handful of keywords – you get much better click-through and cheaper advertising when you only have a few select keywords per advertisement. you’ll get better results by having keyword-relevant ads and not having one advertisement with hundreds of keywords.

So forget about the idea that your sites would be ranked highly based on hundreds or thousands of keywords. If you look for pages that meet single keywords, you’ll notice that your page’s traffic will improve.

As I stated in the first part of my writing you might be surprised by the outcome.

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Most web advertisers use the outdated method of building web pages filled with keywords that look to search engines like spam. And you can bet that if they’re perceived that way, they’ll be buried among the millions of sites scanned by search engines every day for surfers and potential purchasers looking for your product or service.

Now, how do you get traffic?

There are many ways to get traffic, you can either pay for traffic to your site or use free traffic

I’d like to concentrate on free traffic.

First, ensure your site is keyword optimized for the search engines. For a new site, using low competition phrases on a new site can help it rank high on some search engines and bring in much-needed targeted traffic. If you have a site with multiple categories, implementing at least one optimization per day will help you grow your business slowly but steadily. When you have more than one category, you have a better chance of being found in the search engine for each category rather than just your front page.

A blog post, Another way to help you build targeted traffic and share links to your site.

You can have the blog linked to your site. If you update your site regularly, you will gradually build your traffic and business. make sure you provide valuable content to the reader

Most search engines consider the number of links to your site when ranking. Articles and a blog might help you gradually increase targeted traffic to your site. However, you could search for and join various link exchange sites to speed up your connecting procedure. The greater the number of links, the better.

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Social media, go to any social media and create your account or join groups to share your content and drive traffic to your website, this is a no-excuse option for you,

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