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The easiest way to monetize your videos without creating your own and getting paid Using Rumble.com

 It is a free censorship video hosting platform. Founder, Chirs Pavlovki mentions that Rumble can allow you to make 10x times more money than YouTube.

which is quite true, with a team of researchers found many videos on the rumble platform are really making a good amount of money per video than with fewer views.

In comparison to YouTube Monetization, Rumble Monetization is much better because it gives you more money for more views especially if you planning to create an account with Rumble, the more views, the more money you get.

How to get started

let’s take a quick step by step guide to know how to get the most views and earnings with proper strategies for uploading videos on rumble.com

What Is Rumble?

Rumble is a Canadian online video platform in Toronto and was founded in 2013. The site was founded by Chris Pavlovski, a tech entrepreneur from Canada.

It is a censorship-free video platform, for small creators and new creators to make money with rumble through monetizing videos.

First, a quick comparison

Very Low-Audience saturated PlatformHighly Audience saturated Platform
Best Platform for New and Small Video CreatorsDifficult For New and Small Video Creators
Monetization is very easy.Monetization is very difficult,
Watch time doesn’t require monetizing channels requires 4000hrs watch times to get monetize
Getting viral is quite easyGetting viral is very difficult

Earning Money from Rumble

With research on Rumble, I found some facts and results that you need to see.

From the result I got from our research, I am sure that even new and small video creators can also make money on rumble.

How Much Money Can You Make from Rumble?

In this case, Views: 9,781 And earned: $159.00 for one video.

Take a close look, tell me why some videos are more views, but fewer earnings but in some cases fewer views but more earnings.

 How to make money with rumble without creating your own videos?

Note: This method is 100% legit. You’ll be using only such videos which are free to use and have no license.

STEP: 1 – Getting Started

Before you jump to start finding videos and uploading videos on rumble, you need to know a few things that You cannot just simply upload videos on rumble and hope to earn from those videos.

Rumble video platform is definitely like YouTube and Vimeo. But not totally.

Rumble’s algorithm works differently than other platforms.

If you are planning to create a channel and start uploading videos on rumble, then you must find – What is the best possible way to upload for maximum reach and mass exposure.

STEP: 2 – Creating an Account with Rumble

All you need is to create an account with Rumble. It’s free to join the platform, open a new tab on the browser, and visit the rumble official site.

Click on the sign-in button,

Tap the green button with the label “Create A Rumble Account Yet” or simply log in with Facebook, Google, Or Apple. On creating an account choose free and fill in the details

3. Next, verify your Account

On rumble, you won’t be allowed to upload any videos before your account is verified

Rumble video platform, will not allow you to upload video on their platform until your account is verified. So, to verify the account follow the instructions.

Click on the green upload button, next to your profile/account

then proceed to verify your account. Click on the green button ‘PROCEED TO VERIFY ACCOUNT

Before you can start uploading videos and making money on rumble. All you need to have been a phone number to verify your account in the first place and get started.

Select your country code, put in your phone number and tap the send verification button. You will receive a verification code, enter the verification code and verify the account.

As the platform is available worldwide. But some countries are currently restricted to joining. You’ll receive a pop-up message while verifying, stating – Service is not available to your specified country.

Your country is ineligible right now, I’m sorry you can’t join right now. I suggest checking eligibility in the future. If it is available in your country then don’t miss it. Just join.

4. Get The License Free Videos

Visit YouTube. Com

And search for a query, say, ‘Funny Dogs Videos ‘in the search box.

Hit Enter. You will find a list of video results to watch. Ignore that. You cannot take any videos from the result. These videos’ results are license videos.

Rather, click the Filter option which will open below filter suggestion to choose from. Among that, click on Creative Commons.

After following the instructions, you will find another list of video results to watch.

These videos are licensed under creative commons, which means that these videos are free to use. You are free to edit the video and use the video to monetize the video.

Creative Commons License Videos (cc)

Creative Commons (CC) is an internationally active non-profit organization that provides free licenses for creators to use when making their work available to the public.

These licenses help the creator to give permission for others to use the work in advance under certain conditions

It’s totally free. A lot of people generally use the video license under creative commons, reupload on the YouTube.Com with little to no edit.

Download A Video

Once you find a video license under creative commons, it’s time to download it.

First, play the video that you want to download. Once the video starts. You may pause it.

copy and Paste the Video URL in the box, and click the Convert button.

Follow these steps and you will get the option to download the video. Save the video onto your PC.

STEP: 05 – Upload on the Rumble Video Platform

Remember, simply uploading a video on Rumble won’t work. If you do this, your video gets less exposure and you might be disappointed by that.

Click on the green button at the top right corner, next profile section. And you’ll be brought to the page that resembles the above-attached image.

Here, you can upload your downloaded video.

STEP: 06 – Select the Best Licensing Option for Your Ruble Video

After filling in all the details. It’s now time to choose a licensing option for your videos.

As you can see there are 4 licensing options available and you’ve to choose one option to make money on rumble. So, which one to choose. For this post, I’ll tell you which one is most suitable and gives you the maximum percentage of earnings.

I’ll suggest choosing from the first two rumble video licensing options Video Management (Exclusive) And other is Video Management (Excluding YouTube).

These two Rumble video licensing options give you the maximum percentage of the earnings in your pocket.

And among these two, I suggest choosing Video Management (Excluding YouTube).

If you want to learn why and how?

You must choose if you’re going to establish your channel on Rumble Video Platform and you have a long-term goal.

Now, the next step is to accept the Terms and Conditions, (scroll at the bottom of the same rumble video licensing page) options will not be approved or give you a low percentage of earnings.

Once you are done then check the boxes for terms and conditions and then finally click submit.

Repeat the same process, Chances are high, of bringing that much profit. if You continuously upload as many as videos you can.

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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: This article is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned.

This is in no way intended to be get-rich financial advice. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this article will require hard work, experience, and knowledge.

We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information here is accurate.

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