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File sharing has never been easier to do, it makes sense to have some oversight and even some uniformity on how file-sharing happens on your network. We’ll show you the best business file-sharing tools

How do you pick the right file-sharing tool?

Choosing the right tool may sometimes be hectic but thankfully we managed to make some research for you to easily pick the right security tool and software as below;


This is a pay-as-you-go file or folder transfer service that specializes in large file sizes. Very useful for businesses that need to send multiple files to multiple clients and don’t want to set up user accounts or new platforms for secure collaboration. If you want to send a large file or folder to someone, you simply upload it to the File Whopper system, get a link for the location and then send that download link to your correspondent.

The system is strictly for file sharing and it isn’t meant for live collaboration, each file upload based on file size will require a fee The file is stored in an encrypted state and is password-protected, and can only be accessed by the intended recipient.

The file can’t stay on the File Whopper server forever, When the recipient does access the file, it can only be downloaded, and once that process completes, the file is removed from the FileWhopper system


  • Files are available after the transfer for 14 days
  • Allows secure and auditable file sharing to third-parties
  • supports massive files,


  • Pay-as-you-go pricing can be  complicated for businesses that move files regularly
  • Sender must buy additional downloads if files are being shared with more than one person
  • Upload files can be any size, even 10 TB or more.

WeTransfer Pro

 A free secure file transmission system with an option to add on paid storage. Includes file access tracking. You don’t need to sign up and can send up to 2GB of file transfers for free.

If you want more of the traditional file-sharing program experience then you can purchase WeTransferPro. WeTransfer Pro allows you to drag and drop 20GB worth of files and enjoy 1 TB worth of storage.


  • Very convenient for one-off file transfers
  • Excellent user interface with little to no training required
  • The free version works well for periodic files that are too big for email systems


  •  Lacks  collaboration tools for teams
  • The background on the free version can seem spammy and promotional
  • Not ideal for massive files such as backups o

WeTransfer is free and supports email transfers for up to three people.

 We Transfer Pro costs $12 (£9.76) per month or $120 per year with support for email transfers for up to 50 people.

CHECK OUT WeTransfer via this link here.


Dropbox is Business Cloud storage with directory syncing across devices available for business and for individuals with a free plan available for private use. Dropbox is a secure cloud storage and file-sharing tool that allows users to store their digital media in one location. You can access Dropbox files from your computer, phone, or tablet. Anytime you add new files or delete old ones the changes will be automatically synced across all your devices. You can also remotely wipe data if a device is lost or stolen.

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  • Flexible monthly price plans
  • Can automatically sync files across multiple devices, allowing teams to work in tandem across different hardware
  • Supports file sharing with users who do not have an account, making third-party collaboration simpler


  • Pay-as-you-go pricing can be over complicated for businesses that move files regularly
  • File sync settings can be tough to manage and unexpected syncs can slow down machines

For individual users, there are three versions of Dropbox Business available to purchase: Basic, Plus, and Professional. The Basic version is free with 2GB of storage. The Plus version costs $9.99 (£8.13) per month for 2TB of storage. The Professional version costs $16.58 (£13.49) per month for 3TB of storage.


It is a  cloud-based file management system that has great file-sharing features. You can easily transfer files to their server and then send links to grant access to each. they have a free starter trial. Users can choose to create links specific to each invitee with an option of end-dating access. Accessors to a file can be granted the ability to download it or alter it or just view it.

Also has an advantage over the other cloud storage systems because it offers a single file directory interface to businesses that might use other cloud storage facilities. A Files.com account includes storage space for files. However, clients can also use the service as an interface to other systems, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox,

Starter (1 TB of data usage per month),

Power (5 TB of data per month),

Premier (10 TB of data per month).

Pros :

  • Having a Cloud-based app makes onboarding faster and more streamlined
  • File and folder security is highly customizable
  • Supports a single interface to manage multiple cloud storage solutions

G Suite Google Drive

 The paid version of Google Drive is linked to an online productivity suite. Low prices and excellent collaboration facilities make this a very popular choice, With Google Drive, the first 15GB of storage is free, and You can invite others to view and download your files by sending links


  • Offers 15GB of storage free,
  • Easy-to-understand pricing packages that suit small teams and enterprise clients
  • Features an impressive mobile app that makes working from a phone a viable option


  • Offline files access is only available through the Google Chrome browser
  • Teams may experience frequent authentication issues for offline files when password changes occur
  • Some organizations don’t want to be too dependent on a single platform


Personal and Drive Enterprise

Google Drive is free for the first 15GB

Paid versions start at $1.99 per month for 100 GB storage and 200GB for $2.99 per month.

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 Drive Enterprise costs $8 per active user per month,  plus $1 per 25GB.

OneDrive for Business

 Microsoft’s cloud storage service can be integrated into the Office 365 productivity suite. The first 5GB of storage is free and scanning and collaboration utilities are other benefits and secure OneDrive encrypts files with SSL, If you add or delete files then these changes will be synced automatically across all your devices

Box Business A contender cloud storage service that can be integrated into G Suite tools, Office 365, Adobe Sign, and Salesforce. Strong encryption makes this a compliant tool for data protection standards, Document scanning is a unique feature that allows you to use your phone to scan paper documents You can even access your files when you’re offline


  • Simple synchronization settings for both small and large teams
  • Reliable offline files access
  • Files access can be set to expire, great for projects with limited scope
  • Mobile document scanning works well for teams on the move


  • Microsoft is one of the most targeted platforms by hackers
  • Reserves the right to scan your files for content that may be ‘objectionable content’ (Illegal, copyrighted, etc)

Citrix ShareFile

 A file-sharing tool from the virtualization kings. This option includes cloud storage and secure email for document sharing. The file-sharing software comes with an email plugin so you can send files easily via email.

These files are encrypted in transit and at rest to make sure they can’t be read by anyone but the intended recipient. Even if you don’t have an internet connection you can access files offline in SharePoint document libraries.

To support collaboration Citrix ShareFile has mobile device editing, which enables users to annotate Microsoft Office documents and PDFs via the mobile content editor. The user can make changes offline and save them for later.


  • Comes with an email plugin that empowers users to send larger files
  • Encryption during both in transit and at rest for maximum file security
  • Easy-to-understand pricing


  • Any ‘unlimited’ storage plan is never truly unlimited.
  • Larger organizations may find managing files and users at scale to be difficult
  • Electronic signature support is only available under the Premium plan,

Pricing, Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Virtual Data Room.

 The Standard version costs $10 per month for one employee and has unlimited storage.

The Advanced version costs $77 per month for five employees, plus $15.30 per additional user with unlimited storage and email encryption.

Apple iCloud

 A cloud storage solution that is fully integrated into Apple operating systems. Files can also be accessed from Windows computers and the first 5GB of space is free.

Files can be accessed on Windows or Mac devices and organized. You can rename them or add colors to help separate important files from the rest and you just need a link to share files

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Automatic updates across all your devices. So if you add a new file to iCloud it will show up everywhere.

To protect the information you have online, Apple iCloud uses automatic backups. The tool automatically backs up files whenever your device is connected to power and Wifi. All of your devices are supported with two-factor authentication


  • Designed with easy  to use
  • Works for both Mac and Windows devices allow cross-platform collaboration
  • Sync settings are Easy


  • Offers less free storage than most of its competitors
  • No Android app
  • Limited real-time collaboration features

There are four versions of Apple iCloud available to purchase:

 5GB, 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB.

The 5GB version is free.

The 50GB version costs $0.per month.

The 200GB version is $2.99 per month and is recommended for more extensive use.

 The 2TB version costs $9.99 per month.


A cloud storage service with a customizable console skin for corporate branding. Can be managed on-premises or used as a hosted service. Businesses can choose which region they want to store their data, whether in the US, Europe, Asia, or Australia. You can even customize the online file-sharing hub with your own logos, URL, and background image. The tool also comes with anti-virus and ransomware protection to prevent cyber attackers from damaging your data. You can also have a site-specific encryption key to control who has access to what data.


  • Built-in ransomware and virus protection is convenient for sysadmins
  • Has both on-premise and cloud-based versions for organizations that want more control
  • A highly customizable look at feel can make the platform seem like it was built for your business needs


  • Designed specifically for larger organizations
  • Requires a minimum of five users per month at $10 per month and 1 TB of storage
  • It is available on-premises or in the cloud as FileCloud Server and FileCloud Online.

 FileCloud Server has two versions:

Standard and Enterprise.

The Standard version costs $4.20 per user per month.

The Enterprise version carries a custom price tag and supports a minimum of 50 users and will cost  $15 per user per month

 You can start the 14-day free trial

What are The best secure business file-sharing tools?

Choose a file-sharing tool for your business needs close attention to your requirements, If you only need to send or store files, then a basic version of Dropbox for Business or the free version of Google Drive

But, if you will require more space it is worth paying for a larger version. From an enterprise perspective, it is better to have enough space.

You should also consider if you’re to send files or more collaborative features, OneDrive and Google Drive will allow you to send files with links

Which file-sharing tool has the best encryption for sensitive files?

With the best system for protecting sensitive files while file sharing. Files.com has services that enforce strong encryption both in transit and at rest on their server and the usage practices of Files.com create stronger security

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