If you have no views on YouTube, it can be really frustrating, but more importantly, really demotivating.

 Nobody is guaranteed anything on YouTube, but there are a few reasons why the videos that you’re posting may not be getting any views.

Typically, we would tell you that it’s probably your title and thumbnail, they’re just not cutting it.

 In most cases, YouTube will do the marketing for you and if you’re posting videos, you should find that you are getting some impressions.

An impression is when somebody simply sees your title and your thumbnail somewhere on YouTube.

However, the more impressions you receive that don’t result in a click, the less likely YouTube is to recommend your videos and give them to another platform. And that’s why we always tell people to invest serious time in learning how to set up a good title and create a good thumbnail.

What if you’ve done that, though?

What if you feel good about the state that your titles and your thumbnails are in, and you’re just still not getting viewed?

There’s an important piece to this puzzle that gets missed far too often,

 The Topic of your video.

Have you made a video that people actually want to watch? The easiest way to answer this question goes back to doing some research. Today, I’m going to show you how I would go about this research, doing one of my favorite things, which is creating a hypothetical YouTube channel.

For example, I’m going to start a hypothetical vlog channel, a real day-in-the-life kind of thing. You see channels like this all the time. And the biggest mistake they make is not having a channel focus, which is a fantastic way to get zero views practically forever.

So, knowing what I know, I know that if I simply turn on the camera and go for a walk in the park and chat with the audience about my favorite books, sports teams, or what the weather is currently like, it’s not going to cut it.

There are a couple of reasons for that. Like, what would I title a video like that, going for a walk in the park?

What would the thumbnail have to be, just a picture of me in a park? More importantly, though, who is that video really for? Why would anyone care about my personal hobbies or changes to my local weather patterns?

My title isn’t searchable, my thumbnail isn’t clickable and it is likely my topic doesn’t appeal to anybody because I haven’t even done any research on it. So, what I’m going to do is get really specific about the type of hypothetical vlogging channel, assuming we’re going to make one taking the steps to create today.

My hope is that you can apply some of these steps to your next video or the next set of videos on your channel. Let’s put to paper some of the things we would like to vlog about in the first place.

These should be things that we’re just inherently interested in and can speak to with some authority on a somewhat regular basis. Real quick though, let’s create a hypothetical YouTuber. Let’s say our hypothetical YouTuber lives on their own.

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They’ve recently graduated college and they work at an entry-level job. They enjoy being outdoors, they are financial, and they read a lot of books, listen to a lot of podcasts, and have a small circle of friends, no pets at this time, they hate winter because it’s just too cold.

And of course, their interest and their drive are to, one day, quit their job altogether and go full-time on YouTube. You know what, I’d say that’s a pretty well-rounded individual. Now, of course, this step looks a little bit different for you.

I had to create an entire person. Fortunately, you likely already are a person.

What you need to do is sit down and just make a list of things that you’re really interested in. my hypothetical vlogger, might consider vlogging about a number of different things.

  • Saving money. This might come naturally to them because they already live on their own.

They’re fresh out of college and they’re doing all of this on an entry-level salary. I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

Things to do wherever it is they live. Perhaps this person lives in or near to a really big city. Since they’re already a bit more outgoing, they might be able to easily think of dozens of video ideas for this.

Books. BookTuber is a whole thing on YouTube, and if they enjoy reading that much, maybe their vlog channel kind of pivots in the direction of more of a BookTuber-style channel

Hiking, maybe they live next to some fantastic trails and it could be a really good opportunity to turn the camera, take people on a hike and talk about your favorite gear or spots and things like that.

Knowing what little we know about this person, I’d say that all of those topic ideas are fantastic and you might be asking yourself, “Hey, why not do a vlog about all of those things? It is a vlog channel, after all. “Unfortunately, that kind of puts us all the way back to square one.

We really need this channel to focus on one thing, especially at first.

If you’re going to be making videos about your favorite books and videos about going on hikes, you’re going to be creating two different kinds of videos, which means you’re going to appeal to two different kinds of audiences.

They’ll always be at odds with each other, too.

Remember when I talked about impressions a little while ago?

Imagine the hiking viewers seeing a BookTuber video pop up in their home feed, are they going to click that, probably not. YouTube says that this video has a lower click-through rate and therefore gives it less on the home feed.

And so, if your regular viewers don’t like this video, you’re hiking viewers, then why should any new viewers?

And therefore, YouTube is sharing your video with fewer people. That’s basically, in my opinion, at least, how the YouTube recommendation system works. Again, at a very basic level, you actually still want to do both types of videos and you don’t really care if people watch the hiking videos or don’t watch the Book Tube videos.

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You know that at least some people like the Book-Tube videos, so it’s okay. There’s a small issue with that though, because if you do too many Books videos in a row.

 Your otherwise hiking-interested viewers, eventually those hiking-interested viewers may stop seeing your hiking videos altogether because they go just way too long without clicking on any of your content.

When people choose not to click on your channel for that many videos in a row, YouTube may very well suggest a different channel for them to watch together, maybe hiking or just some other interest that they have.

If you do still choose to cover two different topics on your channel, just remember, there is a balancing act there, and it’s really easy to get that wrong and just overall get fewer impressions on all of your content.

I see this next step as being incredibly important because we need to pick one thing to focus on and that can feel incredibly limiting. So, from that list of all the things we love that we created earlier, I’m going to choose the one idea that I think would give any vlogger the most potential video ideas to go forward with, and that is saving money.

Saving money is incredibly universal and important. It also helps that this person is living that life every single day.

In fact, they might be taking for granted just how good they are at saving money because now this is just second nature.

We know who we are and we know what our channel focus is going to be, it’s time to research, perhaps, say, our next 10 video ideas.

As you’ll see, this still will technically be a vlogging channel by the time we’re done, which is the channel we wanted to start in the first place.

For this research phase, we have to determine whether or not we’re confident that there is in fact, demand for this type of content on YouTube. And that’s a bit of a complicated question. Obviously, people like saving money, but saving money is a little bit different depending on who you are and what your goals are.

Are your viewers saving money to go to college? Are they trying to save to afford vacations and nice cars? Are they saving for retirement or to buy their first house or do they need to save because they have a lot of debt?

 It could be a combination of those things but think about the wide range of circumstances and the age differences between somebody who might be saving to go on vacation and buy fancy cars versus somebody who is saving to pay down a bunch of debt.

Those are two entirely different people. Let’s focus even more, then. We have a channel for saving money, but we’re done with college. Saving money for college is out. We have a job and we live alone, but to keep costs down our place likely isn’t very big.

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Instead, the dream is probably to save money for something like a house or maybe a really nice van, or maybe one day we could even start a van life channel.

Wait, should I be making (relaxing music) a van life channel right now? No, no, no. (Record scratches) You see how easy; you see how easy it is to lose focus?

While you’re doing your research, it might be very easy for you to topic jump because you see something cool, like a van life channel.

Try to stay focused. Anyway, I feel really good about the direction we’ve chosen for our vlogger.

At this stage, they’re probably feeling ready to hit a record, but there’s one more thing they need to do first.

They need to familiarize themselves with the creators in this space.

What types of videos are they making? And do they look like anything we would want to make?

The second part of the title is also really encouraging, minimalist money-saving tips. Now our vlogger doesn’t necessarily consider themselves minimalist, but having something like that in the title is probably really important in this case.

And let’s not forget, 25 ways of saving money. Imagine one of those, at least something that anybody could apply in their regular day-to-day lives.

Their channel is about saving money and finances, so they can’t exactly turn on their camera and be like, “Hey, today, I’m going to go buy my first pet,” when that doesn’t really relate to what their audience is subscribing for.

This is where we get back to the idea that this is still a vlog channel.

When you find yourself in this situation where you do something and you really do want to vlog about it and you really do want to record it, but it doesn’t fit in with your audience,

You need to find a way to give them a little more context. Now, this won’t always work, but I do think there’s a case to be made for trying to save money as a new pet owner. Doing some different searches, myself, and pet expenses brought up some pretty interesting videos.

 The important thing is that it relates to our topic, based on our research, our next three videos should be super focused and I’m pretty confident that they’re going to get some views.

Like I said before, I think you should do about 10 or more if you can. But I started with three because I’m not actually this person,

They’re focused on the same topics.so When people find their videos, they’re likely to come back for more and hope that eventually leads them to subscribe.

And if you feel a similar way about your 10 video ideas, then give yourself permission to finally hit record. And if you want to give those 10 videos the best chance to succeed, next, where we discuss the best ways to show up on different areas of YouTube, such as search and browsing.

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